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I am a former member of CBF and I have purchased this domain so it can never be used to scam again.

CBF had great potential and as a member I really enjoyed it. Which is why when it went scam, I decided that I wanted to make my own GPT Site, like CBF. So I am using this opportunity to state my case and assure people that there are GPTs out there that aren't out to scam you, who want you as members and want to pay you.

Keep Rewarding is my GPT site and has been online since 2012.
We have various proofs on the internet. Want to talk to me some more?
Simply click below to visit the site and sign up to talk to me in the shoutbox or use the free chat room below to talk to me on here; I will do my best to be around on it.




Simply enter your message and hit enter to start chatting anonymously or you can set a name, without needing to register, by clicking on Set your name on the bottom right and choose a temporary name.

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